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The Now Rise LIFESTYLE monthly subscription program will transform your life. Have you ever wanted to have your personal life coach at the touch of a button? Well now you can. In this program you will have 24/7 access to Richard Martinez and his team to give you live advice on any matter you may be dealing with any given time. What type of coaching will you get? Learn to improve your relationships. Increase your Health. Strengthen your spirituality. Perform at your peak, and so much more....

You get everything Richard has to offer for only $59.99 per month! Richard charges thousands of dollars for large corporate conventions. Don't be left behind. 
Your Coach
Richard has helped thousands of people around the world overcome anxiety, depression, panic attacks, suicidal tendencies, drug/alcohol problems, anger, insecurities, guilt and shame. He strongly believes that in order to surmount such challenges in life, you must identify the root of the problem and excavate your troubles. This is the only way to overcome life’s hurdles and become truly self-actualized. He has built leaders, high achievers, entrepreneurs & business owners in many different industries. He is a specialist in building teams and creating systems so that goal achieving because more consistent. His teachings, strategies & tools create immediate & long-term results. 
Now if you're somebody who is seeking to really have a huge
change in their lives for the better to get more focused
to be more productive more efficient and more competitive in
their lives... This is going to be perfect for you.
If you're somebody who is a blamer, a complainer, somebody
who doesn't take responsibility for self, somebody who is lazy...
This is probably not for you.
Here is what you are going
  • 24/7 Access to Richard Martinez and his team for live coaching and mentorship through the Telegram App. 
  • Amazing hacks to help improve all of the important areas of your life. 
  • The secret to living a healthy lifestyle and boosting your over all performance in life.  
  •  Get 1 monthly private coaching call with Richard Martinez.   (5 Minute call that will change your life)
  • ​Member only access to 1 Live Webinar per month where Richard will share his secrets on how to reach your ultimate potential in all of the most important areas of your life. 
  • ​Full Access to WWW.THERISEACADEMY.COM where you will be able to access over 200 online courses designed to help you in your personal life, career, or business. 
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